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Live in Johnson City: Johnson City, A Place to Live Fully

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

If you're new here, considering moving, or have lived in Johnson City your whole life, check out this series: Live in Johnson City, a guide to Johnson City.

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Once a railroad town known for shipping between the Appalachians and the Midwest, Johnson City has now become a thriving and charismatic city. Being the ninth-largest city in Tennessee, over 66,900 people call Johnson City home. It ranks within the top 10 best suburbs and public-school systems in the state. The safety and quality provided, along with the low cost of living, attract many young professionals to the area.

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Johnson City is a quick day trip away from larger cities such as Asheville and Knoxville yet is set apart for its scenery and hospitality. Mountains canvas this city, creating optimal outdoor activities. Rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing are available close by, with fishing, hunting, hiking, golfing located within the city. Johnson City is also home to beautiful lakes and well-kept parks. This environment creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to call home.

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Beyond the visual appeal of Johnson City, enticing food and drinks have created a unique culture. Food trucks, diverse dining options, and microbreweries have become a staple of the city. Small businesses are supported and celebrated within the community. Johnson City's development and growth fosters an atmosphere of aspiration and purpose for people.

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