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7 Tasks to Complete After Closing on a Home for Sale in Johnson City, TN

Updated: May 2, 2019

Below you’re going to find out from the top 7 tasks to complete after closing on a home for sale in Johnson City TN. By completing the following tasks, new home owners greatly improve the chances they’re satisfied with their home purchase for several years to come!

1. Make Copies Of Documents & Store In A Safe Place

When purchasing a home there are so many documents which will be signed and executed. a lot of the documents that buyers receive when purchasing a home maybe needed in the future for a wide range of reasons.

2. Change or Re-Key The Locks

One task to complete after closing on a brand new home that most buyers are aware of is changing the locks or re-keying them. A common mistake made by new home owners who’ve lately closed on their new home is they decide to not spend the money to change the locks. Changing the locks on a brand new home is extremely recommended for security purposes.

3. Alert Important People & Companies About Your Move

After closing on a brand new home, another important task to complete relatively rapidly is alerting important people and companies about your new home. Within a couple days after closing on a brand new home, a buyer should first alert the US Postal Service. This may ensure that important mail won’t go undelivered!

4. Check The Water Heater

Among the top reasons to complete a final walk through before closing on a home is to check that the home still has warm water. While you can have warm water at the final walk through, you still should check the water heater temperature and water pressure at home after closing.

Everybody prefers their very own temperature of water and also pressure, so be sure you evaluate these items after closing.

5. Check The Heating and air conditioning Systems

Probably the most crucial reasons to have an examination when purchasing a home is so the heating and air conditioning systems can be looked at. Assuming that the heating and air conditioning systems check out after an examination, you may still find a couple tasks that buyers should complete after closing on a brand new home.

It’s possible a buyer will request a seller have the heating and air conditioning serviced prior to closing, but if not, among the first tasks to complete after closing is to have the heating and air conditioning serviced by a pro.

6. Freshen The Interior Walls & Ceilings

Among the first things which many buyers will complete after closing on a brand new home is freshly painting the walls and ceilings. It’s a smart idea to complete any painting of the walls and ceilings prior to moving in personal belongings, if possible.

7. Consider An Energy Audit

If you’re purchasing a brand new construction home, an energy audit is likely not necessary. If you’re purchasing a home that’s older, you might consider an energy audit after closing.

During an energy audit the homes insulation levels, heating systems, cooling systems, and a wide range of other areas and features will be inspected to see if there are areas which might be improved.

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