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Live in Johnson City: Ballard and Kind Chiropractic

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

If you're new here, considering moving, or have lived in Johnson City your whole life, check out this series: Live in Johnson City, a guide to Johnson City.

Dr. Richard Ballard has been in Chiropractics for 19 years. However, that was not his original plan. It wasn't until he was pursuing a bachelor's that he discovered his career path.

After graduating, Dr. Ballard quickly realized he was ready to return home to Johnson City. He was offered a partnership with Dr. Rick Kind, and it was the perfect opportunity. Dr. Kind has been in business since 1987. His experience, coupled with his success, gave Dr. Ballard someone to mentor him through the startup.

Dr. Kind and Dr. Ballard's partnership has thrived, giving them each someone else to bounce off ideas. It also allotted a balance between work and personal life, providing extra time with their families. Nearing 20 years, they continue to thrive from their unique take towards Chiropractic care.

The main desire driving their business is helping others to get healthier and feel better. To do this, they focus on the manual technique for adjusting. Dr. Ballard explains he likes to get a feel for what's going on with people. The aspect of human touch can also be therapeutic when providing care.

When people are looking to get into Chiropractic care, the manual technique can sometimes be intimidating. To put people at ease, Dr. Ballard shares his malpractice rates. He says, "If it were dangerous, the rates would be thru the roof. Mine is only $1000, whereas a Cardelogist's is more like $100,000." After hearing the numbers and being walked through the process, people tend to be at ease and ready for care.

Beyond adjustments, Ballard and Kind provide electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound and traction for soft tissue recovery and have massage therapists on staff. They also have been selling their branded mattresses through Chiropractics for the last 16 years. Their versatile combination of care allows for Ballard and Kind to be the best resource for their patient's healing.

Ballard and Kind's business runs off of referrals. They don't spend money on marketing but continue to stay busy. Half of their new patients come from Orthopedic referrals. Ballard and Kind help patients who don't need surgery but still need treatment. Watauga Orthopedics has been a leading partner in this. They often work together, asking questions and providing feedback to helps the patients receive optimal care.

When COVID first hit, Ballard and Kind's business increased, and suddenly they were busier than ever. "People who work from home don't have agronomical workstations, creating a higher need for adjustments," explains Dr. Ballard. Being a hands-on practice, it also provided some much-needed human interaction during quarantine.

Outside of work, Dr. Ballard enjoys running spartan races (being an OCR division qualifier four times over) and spending time with his family. He has been married for 24 years. His wife shares a passion for healthcare and running as well. She is a nurse and marathon runner, completing her first Ironman race in 2019. Together they have three kids. Their family is very fitness-focused and enjoys working out together.

When they aren't working out, their favorite vacation spots are Disney and Universal. They love rollercoasters. While on vacation, Dr. Ballard's wife ran in the Disney marathon. During the race, the park was open, so she stopped running, got on the Everest ride, then got back into the race.

Beyond running and vacation, they also enjoy going to church at Calvary. Dr. Ballard brings his faith into his practice explaining, "I may not be able to heal you, but I know who can."

Helping and healing are the core of his business, but Dr. Ballard's favorite part of his profession is meeting people and hearing their stories. After 19 years, he has so many fun stories to tell. "I have all this random info I've learned from people from all kinds of professions," says Dr. Ballard.

Whether you're going in for an adjustment, running a race, or sharing a story, we hope you get the chance to meet Dr. Ballard. We are so grateful for his business and the impact he has on this community!

To check Ballard and Kind Chiropractics out, follow this link:

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