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Annual Dues

  • $120.00 

  • Due at the first quarter of each year (January - March)  

  • Checks payable to Allison Meadows HOA  (PO Box address listed below) 

  • 2 payment options available:

               - Personal checks 

               - Bill pay through mobile banking

Services provided:​

  • Landscaping of main entrance & four draining ponds

  • Jones insurance - Bill Jones* 

HOA Meetings

  • Annual meetings for all homeowners

  • Meetings are currently subject to change due to COVID restrictions

  • Stay up to date and informed about neighborhood plans, projects, and budget changes

  • A forum to bring any questions or concerns you may have before the HOA board and property management group


Additional Information for The Villas at Allison Meadows

All Osler Court homeowners are included in this association 

  •  $75.00 monthly fee in addition to annual fee

  • Landscaping for personal property included

  • Utilities for grounds included

  • Separate set of bylaws and restrictions apply

  • Monthly inspections to maintain exterior grounds 

* Insurance covers the HOA, along with HOA amenities. This is not home owner's insurance. This insures lamps, mailboxes and entrance. 

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can work together.

Millard Silverio

Assistant Property Manager

Kathleen Gemar


Mailing Address

Allison Meadows HOA

PO Box 4805

Johnson City, TN 37602